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Please check what buyer think about wp-tube-plugin and supporting team. We are really very pleased to see this kind of response from our buyers. We check every buyers email carefully and respond as quickly as we can accordingly to buyer query.


Excellent customer support for one of the best themes in the market.

Review 102


Wp-Tube-Plugin is a very complete WordPress theme. It does take some getting used to but once you have it under control you'll realise virtually anything is possible. Very happy I decided to go with this theme. My website looks great and I have a lot of options for the future. Something else that doesn't hurt, the support is really good.

Review 101


This theme is one of the most flexible themes I have used. Despite all the demos it has, it has a lot of components that you can almost style every single bit of it. once you learn it - you can create magic!
Thankfully the theme support is very responsive and they will help you with all your questions as well as their knowledge base is pretty good!
Very satisfied with my choice of a theme. It's what I was looking for.

Review 100


Truly amazing theme. 5 Star for their customer support is superb! - You can expect to move quickly with this one:)

Review 99


Outstanding customer support. I have been using wp-tube-plugin for at least 5 years. I've purchased wp-tube-plugin once before, and didn't get much time to mess around with it or have to ask support. I am building a site that I really want to look good, and as I'm working now through building the site, I am asking questions over at their support forum, and they are responding VERY FAST to my questions and resolving them. Their solutions work every time, AND have screenshots attached to them so you aren't left searching for settings without help. Very impressed. This theme has allowed me to setup a VERY clean website in a very minimal amount of time. I'm liking it so far. I can definitely recommend it.

Review 98


Very very good support
Those guys are quick and efficient

Review 97


One of the best Themes out there. Cannot recommend it enough. Their customer support is also just as good.

Review 96


Great theme with plenty options to play with! It allows to do everything without knowing a single line of code.
High quality documentation, super fast, highly customizable, tons of features, superb design, an impressive code quality... and it seems the tip of the iceberg only.
Super highly recommended.

Review 95


As a theme developer, I have to say wp-tube-plugin is one of the best themes right now on the market.
I needed something different for a project and after some research, my choice fell on wp-tube-plugin.
The design quality is perfect, it is easy to use and you can do anything with it.
Probably one of the best things about wptubeplugin is that it is always updated with new features. This is a great thing for a customer. For example, this was probably the first theme that offered a complete solution for my adult site. This caught my attention.
Again, I highly recommend this theme.

Review 94


Great Design
Plenty of options and features
Great Support
Awesome Documentation.

Review 93


Great theme! Lots of customization features, well documented, good customer service, fast, and with a great advantage.


Review 92


Awesome customer service!


Review 91


AMAZING support! They answer so fast and when you have clients waiting it's gold! Thank you Team wptubeplugin!


Review 90


The best customer support I have ever had. Anytime I have a question customer support responds quickly and always has an answer for me. Love this theme's design as well, exactly what I was looking for.


Review 89


This is my #1 GO TO adult site theme for most of my projects! I've used wp-tube-plugin now for about 2 years and wtp has updated their theme multiple times – it really is the most versatile theme I've ever come across. Best customer service too!

Review 88


Great theme with tons of flexibility and options. Support has been great when I needed a quick fix.

Review 87


Customer support went out of their way to assist me with a very niche problem. Best support I have had on wp-tube-plugin.
A strong theme as well with great updates features.

Review 86


I love everything about this Theme. Great great designs, great customer service.

Review 85


I would like to thank the wp-tube-plugin team for excellent support, they were super responsive and got back to me quicker than any other developer I've ever used. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and this theme, exceptionally well built and so flexible. If you are thinking about buying this theme just go straight to checkout and you will be very happy with your purchase.

Review 84


Great theme, even better support!


Review 83


Best theme I used ever. Love the versatility and customization. Every site I make looks unique. Keep up the great work!


Review 82


Wptubeplugin is a very simple and powerful theme, have a great look with modern design. wtpplugin have a perfect and helpful customer support. I'm sure wptube-plugin is good choice for everyone.


Review 81


Great theme and great support to back it up!


Review 80


Support 5*
Design 5*
Opportunities 5*



Review 79


Great theme - exactly what is says on the box. support team resolve the problem with lightening fast (thanks guys!). Highly recommend.


Review 78


Amazingly designed theme and versatility of use and the customer support has been the best I have experienced in a very long time.

Well done on the amazing theme!


Review 77


Amazing Product! Seriously, this set of plugins and themes has absolutely allowed us to create and manage a large number of tubes and also other adult sites. If we did not have this, it would be years before we'd be live. Anyone looking to purchase or find some plugin for adult tubes/adult sites...this is the only one worth anything. Don't hesitate!

Review 76


First, I would like to thank Harish for their themes and customer support. I bought their themes in 2013, and since then I have been using them. They have been developing more themes with more features and good usability. I am really happy about the themes and especially their customer support. They really care about their users. They have huge collections and I think everyone will find one that will fit his needs. Thanks again for the great customer support

Review 75


This is my first experience with WordPress. Fortunately I decided to buy wptubeplugin theme for my beginning with WP and I don't regret it. wptubeplugin has great support team, they reply pretty fast and properly to my requests. I am fully satisfied with their support! My best wishes to wptubeplugin team!

Review 74


I have been using & promoting wp-tubeplugin, for a long time and always liked their plugin/themes. I'm also using the themes for my clients and so far, they are pretty happy with the support & quality of the themes.

Review 73


After comparing with the competition, I finished choosing wp-tube-plugin Themes. The designs made are very good visual quality. I started using the basic pack to test, the results were as expected, and a month later decided to give them my support by purchasing the reseller pack. The support responds fast, post sales service is very attentive, they care for their clients. Congratulations and thank you, great job!

Review 72


Every time I have a question, the whole team is always there to help me with a quick and complete answer. I'm glad with everything so far, not to mention how beautiful and clean their layouts are. You guys are awesome!

Review 71


Absolutely stunning work guys, great job!

Review 70


Congrats mate :)
Amazing theme =) !

Review 69


WOW ! A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Review 68


Awesome theme, awesome support!! 5*

Review 67


Beautiful Theme! :-) Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale

Review 66


Great theme, perfect and quick customer support! I recommend wptubeplugin 100% !

Review 65


Super theme, and very helpful support for the times you just don't know what to do... I'm very happy with the results!

Review 64


Great theme, easy to work with. Also the support is quick and helpful.

Review 63


just awesome. new theme is tooooo sweeet & Very flexible best support ever and very fast!!

Review 62


wp tube plugin script advantages the so many themes fast on mobile and nice grabber and very nice support.

Review 61


Support helped perfectly with the problem on our site. some settings needed to be changed and they found it. thanks for the great help and getting our site online again.

Review 60


Beautiful template. Amazing, clean, customizable. Works perfectly. Love it!!!!

Review 59


Everything about this theme is amazing, easy to use, easy to customize, easy to work with. And the costume service is fast and reliable. I truly recommend this theme to anyone wanting a reliable and great site. Thanks

Review 58

Sonia admin

Thank you WP-Tube-Plugin Team for assistance in setting up advertising on my website ! Any assistance support is always ready to help ! This is the best support I ever met I Thank you WP-Tube-Plugin Team for help !

Review 57

Шишов Вадим

Thank you WP-Tube-Plugin Team for assistance in setting up advertising on my website ! Any assistance support is always ready to help ! This is the best support I ever met I Thank you WP-Tube-Plugin Team for help !

Review 56

Eugênio Pacheco Junior

I have no words to express how I am satisfied. It's working as well! It's working as I never imagined.I relly thank you for your spent time for help me. We lost too much time to make it Works as well and for sure if you woul like to post something about this or any comente I will endorse. Once again, I thank you so much and hope soon buy the other theme that the price is US$ 299,00. I will make changes and get one another with you! Hope to make buseness with you too. Thank you so much!!!

Review 55


Really there are too much features in wp-tube-plugin. I need few more days to check all features. Tutorial is very nice too much screenshots with well explained text. Very friendly support guy. I give you 10 /10 for script and customer support.

Review 54


Very professional theme! Some themes are really really superb!!!. Easily customized and makes our newest site much easier to navigate. Outstanding customer support!!! Very fast responses. Harish is extremely helpful! Highly recommend wp tube plugin!!

Review 53


these guys are not instant, but is quick enough for you to not stress, but my guess is they are very very busy. but my issue was my own fault which they resolved quite quick.

the plugin is easy to use and has all instructions that is straight forward and easy to follow.

thank you very much guys. happy customer!

Review 52

(Buyer info hidden)

New theme is really wonderful, Great Work. The support is great too.

Review 51


Thanks for the very quick response and help me to setting up my website within 30 minutes. It works like a dream. You saved me the hassle of paying someone to install the plugin and theme. Highly recommended WTP team. Five thumbs up!!

Review 50


Very good theme and grabber is imazing. I must speak about support is extraordinary. very quick response with in minute. i am new in wordpress and asked so many small things but wtp team reply my all queries and finally i setup my adult site. thanks harish.

Review 49


Wonderful product. Totally satisfied. Full worth of money. Thanks for amazing product.

Review 48

Jack Wilson

Very fast provider, thanks.

Review 47

Jimmy, Adult Webmaster

The best adult tube grabber script. I think it has all the features you will ever need including mobile / tablet interface. Theme is very very nice. Support is fast and very good. They convinced me to upgrade Basic to PRO.

Review 46

Geral (JP)

Great support I ever get. I purchased wp-tube-plugin in 2012. Recently I email them and ask for Latest version 2.9. They just asked my payment email id and transactuon id and they provide me latest version FREE. Really great support. Full worth of money. Highly appreciated. I give you 10 stars for your team

Review 45

Vijay (India)

Script is very easy to use. Just few settings need to set and site is ready. Harish is very cooperative during support. There are huge list of features but I must suggest you to add social share buttons in theme this is very important. I hope you will add those link soon. Thanks for great product & support. full worth of money.

Review 44

Александр (Russia)

script good very & very good support. sorry for my english.

Review 43

Eve Hel (France)

I am very happy with my purchase of wp-tube-plugin. It's a great script that allowed me a few months to have a site that is well-stocked with videos! It is very easy to use and technical support is excellent! for me, technical suport was very important because I'm not a pro! These are extraordinnaire person! I venture to say because for the number of mail I sent (for basic things), they always remained quiet, friendly and always found a solution!.

Review 42

Maxi (France)

Very nice product. Support team is very fast they resolved my problem in moment. Highly recommended.

Review 41

Mario Miscovici (North America)

Very nice product easy to use. Very good support.

Review 40

Mike K (U.S.A)

My Tube site is a great traffic generator that makes me money every month through adult affiliate programs embedded within our site. The support we receive is fantastic and always prompt. I can give my highest recommendations to Harish and his team on a great product and terrific service!

Review 39

Gregor (Germany)

Wp-tube-plugin product is awesome. I used almost every adult video grabber from Tubeace to adultvideosgrabber but none of these script works as described and I lost my money. Finally I purchased wp-tube-plugin and I must say that is wonderful script. Thanks for Harish who support and resolve my problem within few mins after purchase. This is the best support team ever. Wonderful product and fast and accurate support. A+++++++ .

Review 38

Eve Hel (France) First Review

I'm very glad I bought the theme pro! It works very well and has already had several porn sites, I can now spend more time promoting my site! As for the support, it is excellent! Diponible always when you need it and most importantly, he always finds the solution! In my case, it was me that was a lot of nonsense, but they never mind and resolve my all issues, they have a lot of patience! It is a script which is great and I advise everyone. For my part, I nestled site and I get to take lots of videos.Thank you to the team for this script!

Review 37

Andrew (U.S.A)

Really wtp(pro) version1.9 is awesome. There are lots of features added in version1.9. They are providing me the best support from last 3 years. I purchased WTP (Pro) version 1.2, 3 years ago & continue FREE download new version when they released. Today I download version 1.9 & plugin and theme is working wonderful as expected. Really awesome support. I email them, some time chat with their professional when I have a problem and they resolve my problem in few hours. Really you guys are great. FULL marks to support team and off course product (wp-tube-plugin). Andrew

Review 36

Andrey (Russia)

I recently bought Plugin (pro). I am not experienced in this, but this is the best support team ever. Harish Nayal helped me alot. He answered all my questions about this plugin. They solved every problem with lighting speed. The pro worked for me ( i highly reccomended buy pro).
1.Responsive theme (Very important for rankings)
2. Display AD On Video Player.
3.10 cron jobs
4.Future Version Free Download
and lot of more+++... So i am very pleased with this plugin. I give wtpplugin 5 star rating )))

Review 35

Adalwin (Germany)

Very nice script, Theme have so many features, and hundreds of color. i love this theme. Plugin is very easy to use just one click and script grab video. Ii must appreciate your support that is outstanding!

Review 34

Vadim (Russia) [Second Review]

I am very grateful to the support WP-Tube-Plugin Team, I'm a new webmaster and I needed help installing and setting up WP-Tube-Plugin, I quickly helped set up and install WP-Tube-Plugin and helped install on my site plugrush ads. I am very pleased with the work support WP-Tube-Plugin Team, she is always ready to provide any assistance with the customization of WP-Tube-Plugin.

Review 33

John ( U.S)

I purchased wtp (Basic) in 2013 and upgraded to wtp (pro) recently when responsive theme released. New responsive there are really awesome. Full worth of money. Really happy with my investment. Great job. Very good tutorial files with lots of screenshots of plugin and theme to understand how it works. Really complete package. I Recommended wp-tube-plugin

Review 32

Vadim ( Russia)

I recently bought a WP-Tube-Plugin WTP(Pro) and was very pleased the work of the support team ( special thanks to Harish Nayal ) for quick help in the installation and configuration of the site ! WP-Tube-Plugin very quality product I loved it

Review 31

By Priya Shalune

I bought WTP recently!! It was an awesome theme plugin, I was a problem in categories page, but WTP Team resolved it by email This plug in so easy to install and add video, no need developer support I'mfully satisfied, surely I recommend this plug-in Thank you WTP Team Harish Nayal.

Review 30

By Jared (Mesa, AZ)

I recently purchased wp-tube-plugin (pro). I have many pre sale questions and their support team reply then I purchased Pro version. Really script working fine as described on site and as support team said. I was little bit problem in CRON JOB and display AdSense on video player but wp-tube-plugin support team resolved it in few minutes as I email them. I am totally satisfied with wp-tube-plugin and their support team. They reply as professionals with enough explanation with screenshots which helped me a lot to understand the things. Script is exactly what they described on site. I checked the forum and found they regularly update. In every two months they release new versions and FREE for previous users. I think wp-tube-plugin teams are highly professionals & committed towards their product and work. I highly recommended wp-tube-plugin and team for your adult site

Review 29

Fabio Granata (Milano, Italy)

There's a lot of scripts, plug in, themes and developer claiming to do what wp-tube-plugin does for a cheaper price but the fact is no one of them does even the half they promise. I'm using it since July 2013and I'd pay again every single cent for it. The theme can be customized, functions are great but the biggest value of this plug in is the assistance: fast and accurate. And this, for someone with good ideas but lacking of coding skills like I am, is truly priceless. Even if my website is in italian and works on some small nieches. I achieved 3.552.611 page views in 1 years and numbers are getting better day by day. If you are serious about getting YOUR personal porn website, you are in the right place. I'm already working on a second nieche, obviously with wp-tube-plugin

Review 28

By Giovanni Carleo (Roma, Italy)

I have bought the WPT (Pro), and I've never found around a product so full at this price! Even non-expert can build your own website, it fits completely with WordPress! The service is the best there is, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY WRITE IN OTHER FORUM, assistance answerable for all the problems, they provide a private forum and is always up to date! All the staff is very serious and you will not be disappointed !!!

Review 27

By Amiel Casabar (Mindoro, Philippines)

I have bought the WPT(Pro), You will never find any product like this in the internet. It has almost all the features you ever wanted. Easy to use and with good user interface that even a know-nothing in scripting can do. Two thums up for this WP-Tube Plug-in. It is also easy to optimize for SEO. Overall i will rate it 10/10.

Review 26

By Andrei Ivanov (HARJUMAA, Estonia)

I have bought the plugin a few months ago and lost all the files. Harish had helped me to restore all the files and bring back the website. I am very satisfied with the seller and their support. Would reccomend it around the web. Thank you Harish.

Review 25

By Easternaga (Imphal, India)

I bought this theme and plugin for my site and its one of the best deal ever.The grabber is unbelievably amazing.I will upgrade very soon.Thank you wp-tube-plugin

Review 24

By Mario Jovic (Zagreb,CROATIA)

Finally I find good and chep COMPLETE solution for my Tube Site. I am very satisfied with my investment and WTP(Basic) Plugin. I get quick solution for only 29$ with really good support and very easy video import. In the future I will buy Pro Licenece upgrade of this best buy Tube Plugin for my new sites for sure !

Review 23

By Kumar Rai (Selangor, Malaysia)

I usually don't write reviews for anyone but this script is seriously outstanding which insisted me to actually appreciate the good work of Harish Nayal, I assume the owner of wt-tube-plugin because my most of the correspondence regarding the script was with him..He answered all my pre-sale and post-sale questions on time...
Script provides what it promises and runs very smoothly..
After carefully researching through all adult scripts, I would say this one is the best because it mainly operates on WordPress platform which itself is highly customisable, for example there are lots of plugins provided by WordPress such as seo by yoast, sitemaps, nextgen gallery etc however if you purchase any other script which runs solely on itself then you are going to have extra work and you have to dedicate time to it so I'll definitely suggest this script, and I'm highly satisfied with the script :)
Thank you Harish Nayal

Review 22

By Tamarila Shelton(GA, United States)

I was so glad to find the WTP Plugin PRO after researching for best plugin and theme to start a new site. WTP Plugin support was fast to install and answer all questions in a timely manner. My site is up and running in less than 24 hrs and everything looks as described. Very satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend WTP Plugin Pro and kudos to the support team

Review 21

By Michel Tonin (SÃO CAETANO DO SUL, Brazil)

Very satisfied with the WTP Plugin PRO version. Your support is very quick to serve their clients, installation is very easy, I had no problems. I am very satisfied with my investment, if you are thinking of buying WTP Plugin PRO, buy! Worth every penny! This plugin works perfectly as described on the website. Thanks and sorry for my bad english

Review 20

By John Gernatt (GA, United States)

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to the WP-Tube-Plugin Team. There are a few adult content WordPress themes available on the market. However finding a good one and implementing it is the key to having a successful site. Like most people starting out posting adult content, I had number of questions about which plug-in would work to my advantage. I started my research and it led me to http://www.wp-tube-plugin.com .

I have to congratulate the WP-Tube-Plugin Team. I had a number of pre-sales questions that I wanted answered before I bought a plug-in. So, I want to commend the team http://www.wp-tube-plugin.com because they were very conscientious. They are true professionals who responded immediately to my pre-sales questions. I am not a sophisticated computer person. And they answered my questions. I happily purchased the plug-in. Prior to the installation, I had a few questions because of my lack of computer knowledge. The program installation was simple and easy and they answered my questions. I cannot thank them enough for their professional response. Their customer support team is excellent. I highly recommend this plug-in. If you are searching for an adult content plug-in to promote tube sites, then go to the http://www.wp-tube-plugin.com and check out their information. There are a number of great options available. This plug-in does everything that it promises. I have about 300 domains that I plan to bring online as adult tube sites. And this is the WordPress theme that I will use to do it. Thank you from your customer. John Gernatt

Review 19

By Ory Hutchison (UT, United States)

I am so incredibly happy with WTP(pro). I have tried a couple times to make a porn tube website, but none of them worked the way I wanted. This theme is beautiful, easy to use, and the plugin works like a charm :)- Ory Hutchison

Review 18

By Antonio Lopez Sanz (Zaragoza, Spain)

Very satisfied with the WTP support, fast and professional responses. I have been pleased with the purchase. Antonio Lopez-

Review 17

By Infomax Computadores (SP, Brazil)

This was one of the best buy for me, the incredibly fast support, in a few days already had thousands of videos on my site, I am beginner and I'm from Brazil, yet had no problem in using this great theme for those looking to start their business in the adult industry on the internet has no doubt, WP-TUBE-PLUGIN.COM is the best choice, I can only thank this great team, thanks!

Review 16

By Gustavo Javier Lozano Lopez (Veracruz, Mexico)

simply your support team is amazing! we any problem with my site that I can not solve, is quickly resolved only having communication with your support team. The theme and plugin WTP are incredible and very simple to use, even with little imagination, you can make simple changes that make it different theme.

previously I lost money and time with two other similar products that never worked properly, even worse, I never received any support to solve problems.

Currently I have 9 sites online using WTP and going great! anyone can check it, I am a Mexican webmaster and the language barrier is no problem with the WTP team.

I am very pleased with my investment which has already recovered far beyond. congratulations

Review 15

By Mario Vaquerizo

I bought WTP Plugin PRO version + developer license, because I want to create very powerful sites, fully iOS/Android compatible. I really apreciate to grab videos from a lot of tube sites, 75 with the latest version. The support team always responds very quickly whenever I need, they listen all proposals for improvement that I do and I am very grateful. 100% satisfied. Thank you! ^_^

Review 14

By Pat Parra (CA, United States)

I bought WTP Standard because I wanted a clean simple porn site that would allow visitors to easily get to the porn videos they wanted to see and so my ads wouldn't be too distracting. The standard theme worked for me and they really followed up with great service. Installed everything for me. Even over delivered and performed some custom changes for my needs. I found other Adult theme companies to over charge for every little thing i.e.: installation, extra for the plugins, but WTP includes everything and I am very grateful. I plan on buying many more porn sites from them and look forward to working with their team a lot more. Thanks again for the great service and for really helping me automate my first porn site.

Review 13

By Heim Thorsten (Bad Vilbel, Germany)

My company is specialist in building strong traffic networks for our clients. Since i had found this outstanding plugin and theme, i have gained a lot of time concentrating on essential tasks like linkbuilding. Its easy to use, has many options and works awesome! The best, google love the sites built with this tool. Also the support is just awesome, response time was always below 30 min to 60 min never over it. I can simply say every webmaster should use WP-Tube-Plugin! - Thor Heyerdahl

Review 12

By Julio Cesar Rodrigues Vieira (Ceará, Brazil)

I loved the support I've had, I'm Totally satisfied.

Review 11

By Alex Zitti (Cellino Attanasio Teramo, Italy)

The support is FANTASTIC, the theme is very good and installation very symple. The result is guaranteed and with a small price you can obtain an amazing website in a day. Lex

Review 10

By Jaroslav Velikovsky (Madrid, Spain)

Thank you very mutch for great support and very good WordPress plugin , I am very satisfied , WTP (Pro) plugin and theme are very complete, efficient and useful, My sincere recommendation.

Review 9

By Tom Henderson (WV, USA)

I just wanted to drop you a short note telling you how much I love your script!! (WP-Tube-Plugin Pro). Its the easest script I have ever used, and with 30 feeds how can you go wrong. I have been putting up a site a day!

Review 8

By Jaroslav (Madrid, Spain)

I am very satisfied, WTP (Pro) plugin and theme are very complete, efficient and useful.

Review 7

By Thor (Hamburg, Germany)

This theme is very good, very affordable, lightweight, great with SEO and the support is fantastic. No B.S.

Review 6

By Frank (Vancouver, United States)

great plugin! I'm very satisfied from it

Review 5

By Fabio (Milan, Italy)

I want to thank the crew at WP-Tube-Plugin.com; I bought their plugin with the option to build as many porn tube sites as I want. My first site hotpornmovies is finally up and running. At first I had the basic plug in, then they offered the WTP (Pro) Version, and I decided since I am setting up to go ahead and upgrade. I could not get the upgrade and new WordPress theme to work and had a lot of minor problems. I asked the team for some help, and then spent time getting the site fixed, as well as finding a problem with my server company's settings and told me exactly what to tell them so they could fix it. I still need to add pages a good logo and other items but this is by far the best Tube plug in for a porn tube site on the market. The guys are great to work with and you won't be worried about no support. I wanted a site based on WordPress and this is the only Plug in I recommend

Review 4

By Jose Arias Pabon (NdS, Colombia)

Your script is very working and fast support & seo friendly

Review 3

By 鎌田 亮 (Japan, 鎌田 亮)

wp-tube-plugin plugin has to be my favorite plug-in for my Porn blog. I purchased this to help market my videos that I have created. After using this plugin for a month, I have gained over 15% more traffic to my blog. I have to give all that credit to this plugin I purchased. I recommend this plugin to anyone who has a blog and has ever thought about adding videos to it. They provide easy tools to adding videos. This plugin basically does 80% of the work for you. I recommend this for your blog.

Review 2

By Zhu Zhu(Washington, United States)

WP-Tube-Plugin is the Great Porn Site Builder. I had very low budget for my porn site and so I was decided to buy it. It is Very easy to use I put it in auto mode & daily getting many new porn videos. Now I found my site daily getting more traffic without any SEO.WP-Tube-Plugin provide outstanding support. I recommend WP-Tube-Plugin

Review 1

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