WordPress Auto Mass Adult Video Importer/Grabber Bot Plugin

WP-Tube-Plugin can grab adult videos autaomatically. wp-tube-plugin will grab adult video as the time you set. wp-tube-plugin is best Automatic Mass Adult Video Importer/Grabber Plugin for WordPress. Best Auto Bot Wordpress Plugin to grab adult video in regular time interval.

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I have bought the WPT (Pro), and I've never found around a product so full at this price! Even non-expert can build your own website, it fits completely with WordPress! The service is the best there is, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY WRITE IN OTHER FORUM, assistance answerable for all the problems, they provide a private forum and is always up to date! All the staff is very serious and you will not be disappointed !!!

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This theme is one of the most flexible adult themes I have used. Despite all the demos it has, it has a lot of components that you can almost style every single bit of it. once you learn it - you can create magic!
Thankfully the theme support is very responsive and they will help you with all your questions as well as their knowledge base is pretty good!
Very satisfied with my choice of a adult theme. It's what I was looking for.

- Adialoman

Great theme, even better support!

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WTP theme is very good, very affordable, lightweight, great with SEO and the support is fantastic. No B.S.

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Absolutely stunning work guys, great job!

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I love everything about this Theme. Great great designs, great customer service.

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I usually don't write reviews for anyone but this script is seriously outstanding which insisted me to actually appreciate the good work of Harish Nayal, I assume the owner of wt-tube-plugin because my most of the correspondence regarding the script was with him..He answered all my pre-sale and post-sale questions on time...
Script provides what it promises and runs very smoothly..
After carefully researching through all adult scripts, I would say this one is the best because it mainly operates on WordPress platform which itself is highly customisable, for example there are lots of plugins provided by WordPress such as seo by yoast, sitemaps, nextgen gallery etc however if you purchase any other script which runs solely on itself then you are going to have extra work and you have to dedicate time to it so I'll definitely suggest this script, and I'm highly satisfied with the script :)
Thank you Harish Nayal

- By Kumar Rai (Selangor, Malaysia)

Just purchased this theme and I am loving it! I appreciate the length to which the developers go to provide good documentation, it has helped out a lot. Great theme and fun to work with. Keep up the good work!

- Artdisk

Very nice script, Theme have so many features, and hundreds of color. i love this theme. Plugin is very easy to use just one click and script grab video. Ii must appreciate your support that is outstanding!

- Adalwin (Germany)

wp-tube-plugin can grab adult videos automatically from two ways.

1) Import Videos Automatically (With Cpanel Cron Job)

2) Import Videos Automatically From WTP Cron Job (Without Cpanel Support)


Import Videos Automatically (With Cpanel Cron Job)

You can run Cpanel server cron job in order to automatically import videos to your site on a regular basis. For a video tutorial on how to setup server cron jobs via cPanel, Please visit this link. Our support team will help you to set up cron job if you are unable to setup.

If you have shared server or your have small hosting plan then we recommended you to please keep 15 minutes gap or more between 2 cron job files. Please do not try to run two or more cron files at same time. It cause of HIGH CPU uses and load mysql server when you have lots of videos in your site.

Cpanel cron job is server dependent. If your server does not allow to running cron job from cpanel then don't worry we have WTP based cron job (Without Cpanel Support) for you.

Import Adult Videos Automatically With Cpanel Cron Job



Import Videos Automatically With WTP Cron Job (Without Cpanel Support)

You can run WTP Cron Job in order to automatically import videos to your site on a regular basis. No need to login to your cpanel. NO need to have knowledges of server. Just go to WTP Cron Job and Import/Grab Videos Automatically. wp-tube-plugin have an option to run cron job without cpanel support. Just the put the Cron Job URL and set time and go to bed and sleep well.

How Does WTP Cron Job Work:- When you enter URL and Interval (In seconds) and click the "Save Settings" then that cron job run Immediatelly and then run after every Interval (In seconds) you set.

Example:- If you add cron job and set 600 in Interval (In seconds) then that cron job run Immediatelly and then run after every 600 Seconds (10 Minutes). I hope it is clear now.

Import Adult Videos Automatically From WTP Cron Job

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