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If you have WTP(Reseller) accounts then you are free to sell WTP(Pro) product online with any name, any price you want. You will have all rights to sell WTP(Pro) product. We will provide you FREE support and then you can provide support to your buyers.

This is just like you have wp-tube-plugin Franchise to sell online. You will take all profit in your pocket. (E.g. if you set your wp-tube-plugin price $99 and you sold 5 copies in Month then you will earn $495 in month. We will not take any commission. That all your money ). You just need to purchase WTP(Reseller) Account. & can earn money life time. Within 1 month you will recover your money. We will remove all security features so that you can easily sell to your buyers.

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How to make money with WTP(Reseller) account.

  • You can start a New Product Site and can start selling wp-tube-plugin online. You can change product name, price anything you want.
  • You can use MARKETPLACE to sell wp-tube-plugin online.
  • We will provide you FREE Bug-Fix Support, Future Version Free Download So that you can update your product wp-tube-plugin for your buyers.
  • You can add your own features you want in WTP(Pro). You are free to change the plugin and themes script as per your requirement.
  • Overall you can say that you can make parallel business with WP-Tube-Plugin. please click here if you have any question about WTP(Reseller) Account.

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