Upload Videos On Server And Create Profitable Adult Video Sharing Website

WP-Tube-Plugin allow admin to upload own videos on server . If you have any good video and you’re ready to share it on your website. So you create a new post in your WordPress dashboard and upload your video to the Media Library. Self upload videos will be play with JW Player.

Step to upload file on server

1) Login to wp-admin-> posts-> add new (NOTE- Please only upload .mp4 format videos because only .mp4 videos play with JW Player)

2) Enter video title, select video category, select video tags, write video description and click add file to server and upload video file on server.

Enter Video Title, Select Video Category, Select Video Tags, Write Video Description



3) While uploading video. please click "Generate" Thumbnail button and select 1 video thumbnail and set video image as featured image as screenshot below.

Add Video Thumbnail



4) After finshed above steps please add custom field "Duration"

Add Custom Field Duration



You will get video duration from upload video as below screenshot. Get Video Length

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