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WP-Tube-Plugin adult tube theme provide RESPONSIVE ADSENSE WIDGET. It means whatever your adsense size (big or small ) that will adjust in ad slot and display the best view on Mobile/Tablet/Computer. Adsense code may be iframe or image that will be fit it Mobile/Tablet/Computer. You can Earn Money From Mobile Adsense and from Computer Adsense. Best Money Making Wordpress Adult Video Theme.

WP-Tube-Plugin provide more then 16 Widget Area for Adult Adsense. There are Responsive Adsense widget space Above and Below the Video Player which will display on mobile also. Adult Adsense provider company pay more for mobile adsense and now days mobile users are increasing day by day. We keep this things in our mind and modify adult tube themes. All Horizontal Adsense widget will display on mobile so that buyer can earn more and more from wp-tube-plugin adult tube themes.

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Below AD size is (1000px X 100px)

Please check below screenshot how that AD will be display on Mobile (Small Screen)

WP-Tube-Plugin Adult Sponsers ( 100 Sponsers ):

JW Player Adult Sponsers ( 48 Sponsers ):

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