Set HD Status To WordPress Video Post

WP-Tube-Plugin have features to set any Videos as HD Videos. Admin can set any video as HD status from wp-admin and on frontend HD status will be display on that video. WP-Tube-Plugin add checkbox for each videos in wp-admin->all posts. You can easily check / uncheck the every videos and set status as HD Videos or normal videos. Checking the videos will set as HD videos

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Admin can set any video as HD status by selecting the checkbox infront of video from wp-admin -> all posts. Please check screenshot of admin panel how it look like.

Please check below screenshot how HD status videos will look like on theme. This feature avalibale on all wp-tube-plugin themes ( Xvideos Adult Video Theme, Pornhub Adult Video Theme, Pink Adult Video Theme, Black Adult Video Theme, White Adult Video Theme, Milf Adult Video Theme, Ape Adult Video Theme)

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