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I am very happy with my purchase of wp-tube-plugin. It's a great script that allowed me a few months to have a site that is well-stocked with videos! It is very easy to use and technical support is excellent! for me, technical suport was very important because I'm not a pro! These are extraordinnaire person! I venture to say because for the number of mail I sent (for basic things), they always remained quiet, friendly and always found a solution!.

Eve Hel (France)

Buyer Review

Very nice product easy to use. Very good support.

Mario Miscovici (North America)

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Buyer Review

I bought WTP recently!! It was an awesome theme plugin, I was a problem in categories page, but WTP Team resolved it by email This plug in so easy to install and add video, no need developer support I'mfully satisfied, surely I recommend this plug-in Thank you WTP Team Harish Nayal.

Priya Shalune (India)


Product Releases

01 May, 2017 : WTP(Pro) Version 3.0 Released. Click Here

17 March, 2017 : WTP(Reseller) Version 2.9 Released. Click Here

16 March, 2017 : WTP(Pro) Version 2.9 Released. Click Here

18 Feb, 2017 : WTP(Reseller) Version 2.8 Released.Click Here

04 Feb, 2017 : WTP(Basic) Version 1.7 Released.Click Here

28 Jan, 2017 : WTP(Pro) Version 2.8 Released.Click Here

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Sold over 7000 copies since Jan. 2012. Recent three(3) purchase are:

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WP-Tube-Plugin is a premium Wordpress Adult Video Tube Plugin/Wordpress Adult Video Tube Theme package that turns wordpress into a powerful adult video tube site. It is easy to install and in less than 10 mins you will have your own Adult Tube Site.WP-Tube-Plugin is the Highest Video Feed Provider wordpress tube plugin. This is the Most Trusted Premium WordPress Tube Plugin & Theme are available in market.

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WP-Tube-Plugin is a powerful Adult Video Tube Plugin with a wide list of features that every professional Adult Video Site needs! Unlike other tube scripts, our main goals are to make sure you will monetize your WP-Tube-Plugin site! The scalability and control you have over the script will ease your way to a successful tube site. Please be sure to check out the long list of features and if you have any questions please contact us.

Save time and money using our tried and tested application WordPress Porn Plugin/Themes to create tube websites faster. Get top-notch support whenever you need it. WP-Tube-Plugin grabs videos from Hundred (100) tube sites. This is MOST TRUSTED Adult Video Tube Plugin/Theme . We sold over 7000+ copies since January 2012 & now growing & growing. 95% satisfaction ratio & FREE Life Time E-mail, Bug Fixes, Chat Support & No domain limits.

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WP-Tube-Plugin grab videos from Hundred (100) Adult Video Tube Sites & Provide TWO HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR (224) Adult Video Tube Themes . World largest WordPress Adult Tube Grabber And Adult Tube Theme Provider. WP-Tube-Plugin grab thousands of adult videos From hundreds of categories. Really WP-Tube-Plugin is the world’s largest Adult Video Tube Grabber.

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WP Tube Plugin is a powerful piece of software that allows you to easily create tube site. WP-Tube-Plugin the Complete Package of (WordPress Adult Video Tube Grabber + WordPress Adult Video Tube Theme). WP-Tube-Plugin is the Best Adult Video Tube Site Builder software for WordPress, complete Adult Video blogging software for WordPress.

This is new wp tube plugin and wp tube theme (combined) available from WP-Tube-Plugin, that enables you to import thousands of video automatically with a single click.

WP-Tube-Plugin allow you to grab videos from multiple categories . You can grab videos from category like amature , anal , celebrity …From source websites. You can make hundreds of category and grab thousands of videos with single click.