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Join,,,, affiliate network and you can share traffic and can earn money. xHamster pays $2.50 per 1k for High-quality countries and $0.50 for Low-quality. List of HQ countries includes most of the Latin American countries. xHamster pays $2.00 for HQ countries sent via embedded videos. xHamster Affiliate Section. WP-Tube-Plugin can grab videos from xHamster CSV. Earn cash with the RedTube / HubTraffic affiliate program. WP-Tube-Plugin can grab videos from Redtube CSV. Earn cash with the Pornhub / HubTraffic affiliate program. WP-Tube-Plugin can grab videos from Pornhub CSV. Earn cash with the Tube8 / HubTraffic affiliate program.WP-Tube-Plugin can grab videos from Tube8 CSV. Earn cash with the YouPorn / HubTraffic affiliate program. WP-Tube-Plugin can grab videos from Youporn CSV.

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