Paid Member Subscriptions
There are 5 Links in this section.
Subscription Plan: You can make new subscription plan from this link and you can view list of subscription plan you made.
Members: You can view the list of members and their subscription plan.
Payments: You can view the list of members and their payments.
Reports: You can view the graphical representation of payments.
Settings: You can set the time for Visitor (Non Registered User) to view video. You can set payment method (currently there are two payment method Paypal Standard and Manual/Offline) & you can set the emails messages for registeretd users.
Subscription Plan
Add new subscription plan : Enter subscription plan title.
Description: Enter subscription plan description.
Duration: Enter duration (it is in Days, Week, Month, Year).
Price: Enter Plan Price. Price will be in USD Only.
Status: select plan status Active/Inactive (only active plan would be display on site.).
User Role: by default it is ("... Create new user role from this Subscription Plan"). donlt change it.
Admin can view the list of mebers and their subscription plan. You can add new members and edit previous members subscription plan . You can search active, pending, expire users membership plan.
Admin can see the list of all payments. Admin can further update members payment info.


Admin can view the reports. Admin can further filters the reports (by months).

Visitor (Non registered user) can view video for a specific time period as admin set time Default is (60 Seconds). Admin can set the time from admin panel. If visitor want to view the full lenth video then he need to register in the site and choose subscription plan.

Admin can set the payment settings
Admin can set the emails message

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